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Guidelines for using this site

User Contributions

  1. Logging in:

    • ​​Click on Login at top right of screen and Register. You will then be emailed a password which you can use to Login. You can change the password to one of your own if you wish.

  2. Contributing an item (must be logged in):

    • ​​Members can submit the following items to be created on this site: A Photo, Video, Document or Object (which involves uploading files with complementary information) and a Video (when supplying a Vimeo number in the description rather than sending a video file), Person or Event (which simply involves just information). If you’d like to do this, click the ‘Contribute’ button on the far-left panel and select the type of item you are submitting from the options. Follow the prompts and add as much information as you wish before either saving a draft to come back to or clicking ‘Submit & finish’. When you’ve submitted your contribution, it will be reviewed before appearing on the site; you can monitor the status of your submissions by clicking the ’More’ icon in the far-left panel and then ‘My Contributions’.

  3. Suggesting Edits (must be logged in):

    • ​​If you’re wanting to suggest an edit to an item on the site, firstly navigate to that item. Once there, you will notice in the top left of the page underneath the ‘Back’ button the following icon: ­­. Clicking this button will take you to a window allowing you to add, edit or remove metadata from a selection of fields. One you’ve clicked ‘Save’, your edits will be reviewed and actioned by the site manager if necessary. Note: Remember to tick the “Do you wish to be notified when this is actioned?” tick box if you wish to be notified of changes.

  4. Adding a Recollection (must be logged in):

    • ​​Members can easily share stories or comments relating to an item in the form of ‘Recollections’. Navigate to the item you wish to add the comment to and hit the  button located on the left-hand side of the page next to the ‘Recollections’ heading. Type your story/comment/recollection into the field that pops up and once done hit the ‘Add my story’ button. The text you’ve just added will show up under the Recollections header on the left-hand side. To delete or edit your comment, find it in the list of recollections and click the edit button next to your comment; you are now free to edit your text or delete using the tick box.

  5. Image Tagging (must be logged in):

    • ​​Adding a tag to a Photo, Publication or Document is just as simple as contributing a Recollection. Above the Recollections section on the left you’ll see the Image Tags section. When you click the  button next to the heading, your cursor will become a cross for you to select the position on the image you wish to tag. A window with a drop-down menu will appear for you to select the type of item you are tagging. To simply enter the tag as text, select [Other] and type in your text. To link your tag to a Person, Building, Event or Collection that exists or should exist within the site, select one of those options and type in your tag name. If the item exists it will appear in the drop-down for you to select, otherwise you can save the tag as is, which will allow a link to be made if an item is ever created for the name of your tag. To delete or edit a tag, find it in the ‘Image Tags’ section and click the small round blue button next to it. The tag will then highlight yellow on the image with the options to move, edit or delete it.



Search Tips

Recollect has a powerful searching environment to help you narrow down your search results so that you find exactly what you’re looking for. The left-hand Search bar has various options to help you search which are listed below along with an explanation.

  1. Keywords Section:
    • In this section you have 3 options based around narrowing your results using keywords (you can combine any of these options). The 3 options are:
      1. Keywords: With options: All or Any. Having ‘All’ selected means that Recollect will only show results that contain the entire list of words entered in the search bar. Having ‘Any’ selected means that Recollect will search for any items that contain any of the words entered in the search bar.
      2. Match: With options: Partial Hits or Whole Words. Having ‘Partial Hits’ selected means that Recollect will return items that have your search term contained within any form of text (or includes the word as a wildcard). Having ‘Whole Words’ selected means it will only find items in which the search term matches the text perfectly.
      3. Search In: With options: Titles Only or All data. Having ‘Titles Only’ selected means your search will only search in the title of items. Having the ‘All Data’ selected means the search will check all titles and all the metadata of an item.
  2. Formats Section:
    • This section has all the item types on the site listed, allowing you to specify one or more types to search in by checking the relevant tick boxes.
  3. Date Section:
    • This search option allows you to choose a ‘From’ and ‘To’ year to search between. This means that, if you enter, for e.g., 2010 into the from field and 2014 into the to field, Recollect will search for any item that has a date occurring between the years you’ve selected.
  4. Order Results:
    • This option allows you to change the order your search results are displayed, the options are as followed: Most recently Uploaded, Most relevant to the search, Title in alphabetical order and Title in descending order.
  5. Refine these results (Faceted searching):
    • Using the faceted search is an easy way of navigating through the site without having to type in a search term. Clicking on a type will return all the items of that type and then bring up further options within that type that you can click to narrow down the search further. The best tip for faceted searching is just to try it out and see where you get to! It’s quite self-explanatory once you make the first click.



Ordering an original file (Item Reference Number)

Each file is identified by a unique Item Reference Number:

If, for example, you would like to order a copy of a photo which is open on the screen, look at the URL near the top left of your screen.


The Item Reference Number in this example is 2529, which is the number you would quote when requesting a copy.

Where there are multiple photos of an item, the URL for the photo of interest may be in the form shown below:


In this example, the Item Reference Number to quote is 1899#idx21812

Each photo, object, publication, document, video, person and collection has a unique Item Reference Number. Please quote this in your message when placing an order through the Contact page.



If you require any further assistance, feel free to Contact us.